At GT Garage Doors and Automations, we provide a full range of services for our clients and we offer Call Outs as well to ensure you have expert advice available when you need it the most. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our specific services and part offerings.

Our technicians are experts in:

preventative garage doors and automations measures

Preventative Maintenance

Your Garage Door could fail at inconvenient times. Our experts can recognize potential door problems and fix them before they become an issue.

Automations installation


Our team of qualified experts will install any overhead door. Our experienced technicians will get it right the first time.

garage doors and automations repairs


GT Garage Doors and Automations has the parts and expertise to repair any overhead door. We offer replacing, repairing and programming services.

Get the job done right!

After having helped you choose your door, we will fit it and make sure that all the aspects of your doors are as working as they should be, from the headspace and drive-through space to the gears and mechanisms involved. Fitting & installation is done by a professional to keep the warranty intact. Using fitters from GT Garage Doors and automations ensures that you remain protected and that the work is carried out by people who really know what they’re doing.